The CLA University Model® Program is hybrid educational model. Grammar students (K-6th grade) are on campus two days per week and three days at home with parent.  Logic and Rhetoric students (7th-12th grade) are on campus three days per week and two days at home with their parent. 


Below is a list of our tuition and fees.

Grammar School Tuition 

K- Level 6


Logic School Tuition

Levels 7th - 8th


Rhetoric School Tuition 

Levels 9th-12th


Existing Family Enrollment Fee - $180 per student, 

Max of $360 per family 

Enrollment Fee - $370 per student

Max of $850 per family 

NOTE: Enrollment fee is payable within 10 days of acceptance to CLA.

Uniform Fees

We partner with Lands End and Tommy Hilfiger to offer high quality, professional uniforms for all Commission families. It is the responsibility of the parents to purchase the uniforms from either store. Click HERE for more information. 

Sibling Discount
  • 1st Child (and oldest) — Full Price

  • 2nd Child (second oldest) — Full Price

  • 3+ Children — 5% tuition discount

Curriculum and Resources

In lieu of charging a book fee, parents will be provided with a list of curriculum and resources that will be utilized for each subject.  It is the responsibility of the parents to purchase the required texts and resources BEFORE the school year begins.  If you are a homeschooling family, you may already own some of the required resources or know someone else who does.  We also provide families with suggestions of where to possibly find many of the resources at discounted prices.  We do our best to keep the cost of curriculum to a minimum by choosing resources that can be used with multiple children and can be used for multiple years. Click HERE for more information. 

Opportunity for Financial Assistance

Commission Leadership Academy may have limited funding available to provide financial assistance to families within our community, but these funds vary from year to year.  In order to be considered for financial assistance through the school, we ask that families first apply to admission to CLA, and after being offered acceptance, speak with the Director of Admissions about available assistance for the coming school year. Families will be asked to submit a FACTS application, and will be considered for financial assistance after the Board of Directors reviews their application for aid. This process, however, cannot begin until after the family has submitted an application for admission, has completed the family interview, and has received a favorable admissions decision.