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Community is a key element to what makes CLA thrive. There are no words to exemplify the culture of love and collaboration that exists in our community of like-minded families and teachers at Commission. Please read below to learn a little about what makes community at Commission so special. 
Connection Teams

The purpose of the CLA Connection Teams is to cultivate a culture of community, connectedness, and encouragement at Commission, where its members are able to engage in small groups and in the greater Commission community as they shepherd the hearts of their children and do life together. Each team is comprised of a Coach, her family, and the parents and students of a particular grade level. The coach serves as a mentor for her families, leading and encouraging the grade level parents on any and everything from questions concerning an assignment on the GroupMe Feed to organizing a class party on a unit that the class has just completed. Within Connection Teams, families participate in service projects, serve the grade level teacher, assist in the planning and implementation of a CLA program or event, and much more! Although Connection Teams have much fun together on campus, the core of the culture experienced by each of our families happens through organic relationships that are built through engagement and fun in family planned activities, like playdates, movie nights, birthday parties, study groups, and more!

Service Projects

Commission Leadership Academy is a mission-minded ministry with a focus on local, national and international missions. In the Grammar school (grades K-6), the focus is on serving the local Raleigh, Youngsville, and Franklin communities. We have partnered with local churches, food pantries, equine ministries, First Fruits farms, nursing homes, and rescue missions, to name a few, in order to provide both resources and time to those in need.

In our Logic and Rhetoric program (grades  7-11), the focus is on serving the greater community outside of our State. So LRS students have the opportunity to take part in an annual Service Trip. We have partnered with Soles for Souls, the Appalachian Service Project (ASP), churches and other out-of-state outreach programs. As our school continues to grow, it is our mission to offer an international service experience for students, which will be incorporated into the graduation requirements of the CLA graduate. 

Additionally, our entire school participates in three annual school-wide service trips each year, including the Blessing Bag Service Event and the First Fruits Farm Annual Gleaning Project. During these major service projects, the CLA community comes together to offer a bigger impact in our community through serving those who are less fortunate and have greater need. 


There are no words to exemplify the culture of love and collaboration that exists in our community of like-minded families and teachers at Commission. Maybe it is that we ask each family to sign our Statement of Faith and to participate in a Family Interview to ensure that all members of our community love Jesus. Or maybe it is the relentless desire of each of our parents to see their children love the Lord and serve Him with excellence using their academic prowess and special and unique giftings and talents. Perhaps it is the response of our families when someone has a new baby or loses a dear loved one. Regardless, the culture of community at Commission is something uniquely special that we know is a gift from God.


JERRY & KELLI DANCY, Parents of Level 3 Student

Commission Leadership Academy has been an incredible blessing to our family. We absolutely love the heart and model of the school. As a parent, I feel blessed to partner with such wonderful teachers and staff who care deeply not only for teaching my child academically, but building in them Christ-like character. The character they encourage is also what is modeled beautifully in the classroom. I am so thankful to be apart of Commission Leadership Academy and cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience there.

KHRISTOPHER & CARLA WILLIAMS, Parents of Level 3 Student

We have had incredible peace and joy about our child attending CLA. It only took us 4 years and various schools, but we finally feel like we have found a place that is not only a school, but also an academic, social and spiritual revolution. CLA is changing the way in which we do life, educate, and share our light of God’s wonder and glory with the world. We could not be more pleased with Mrs. Trapp and the CLA staff for the countless, seen and unseen, work that is done to ensure each child receives the best life experience possible.

RICHARD & VIANN NEIKIRK, Parents of Level 4 Student

Before we ever started the search for schools here in Raleigh, I dreamed of a half homeschool/half school day schedule for my daughter who was headed into kindergarten. At the time, I had never heard of university model schools, and when I mentioned this dream to a friend from out of state she told me all about them. One simple google search brought me to CLA. From the first informational meeting to today as we are about to finish up my daughter’s second year here at CLA, the school has not only met my expectations but exceeded them in many areas. Besides having the opportunity to be in a circle of God fearing educators to raise and teach my child amongst, my favorite aspect of CLA is the flexibility Victoria and I have with her school days at home. I am confident that the staff has my child’s best interest in mind and that they are dedicated to the task that God has given them to do. My husband and I are so thankful that not only Victoria but our whole family gets to be a part of CLA.

STEVEN & JENNY WADE, Parents of LRS Students

This is our first year at Commission Leadership Academy and it has been a wonderful experience. We began praying for the Lord to lead us to a school for our eighth grade son last winter, and He led us to Commission. Our son had been homeschooled from the time he was two until the fall of this school year. We desired an environment that would challenge him academically while also holding to a biblical worldview. Commission Leadership Academy has partnered with us to meet both of these objectives. We are thankful for the dedication exhibited by the teachers. The school fosters a loving environment in which students are encouraged to grow not only academically, but also as a whole

person. Commission Leadership Academy has been a blessing to our family, and we are so thankful to be a part of the mission of this


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