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Commission Leadership Academy is the Triangle's first classically-inspired, Christian, University Model School that "partners with parents, to shepherd the hearts of their children, for the Kingdom of God".  Jesus' last words to us before leaving Earth were to go and make disciples of all nations. These indispensable words spoken by our Savior in Matthew 28:19 inspired the name of our school. Our mission is centered around The Great Commission, with a focus on the home–our first ministry. It is our heart to partner with you, the parent, to make disciples of your children.  As a University Model School, we combine the best attributes of traditional schooling and homeschooling to integrate them to one beautiful experience for families. In doing so, we offer students quality, cost-effective, college-preparatory education.  We provide parents MORE time, MORE influence for GREATER impact to create young adults who have cultivated their own faith, who are determined and equipped to serve Jesus, and do all that he has called them to do.


Our Mission

We partner with parents to prepare men and women who will be character witnesses for Christ through excellence in academics, global missions, worship, and servant leadership. 

Our Purpose

Ultimately, our ministry exists to serve the following purposes for the Kingdom:

  • Love and glorify God.

  • Fulfill the Great Commission.

  • Encourage and affirm parents as the primary spiritual and academic guide for their children.

  • Prepare students to succeed in their God-ordained purposes by offering a diverse and rigorous academic program.

  • Train students in the articulation and defense of their faith in Christ.

  • Enable and empower students to joyfully serve in our local, state, national, and global communities.

  • Integrate home and school learning.

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