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Sonya Hedrick

Logic & Rhetoric School Teacher

With a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from Liberty University and a Masters in Computer Science from NC State University, Mrs. Hedrick loves to share the knowledge she has gathered over the years with others who are eager to learn. After working as a software developer for many years, Mrs. Hedrick returned to teaching as an instructor at New Life Camp in the LEARN homeschool program. When God blessed the Hedricks with their daughter Hannah, they chose to follow that same model of homeschool and the Lord led them to CLA. The CLA family has been a tremendous blessing and Mrs. Hedrick counts it a privilege to be given the opportunity to teach in the Logic and Rhetoric School and as the IT Specialist. This will be her 6th year teaching with CLA and her 12th year in education.


Sonya Hedrick
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