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Matt Gonzales

Logic & Rhetoric Schools Teacher and Student Life

Matt Gonzales has taught High School for 9 Years now. Previously, he spent 10 years as a youth pastor at churches in both California and North Carolina. Born and raised in California, Matt went to California Baptist University where he received a Bachelor's in Applied Theology along with a Minor in Cross-Cultural Communication. He moved to North Carolina in 2010 to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where he pursued a Masters in Intercultural Studies. His desire is to teach students to love and enjoy history by making history alive and interactive. He believes history is the primary place for students to have their worldview shaped and he hopes to infuse their values with Biblical values through the study of history. He is married to Sarah, who has taught at CLA, and has 5 Wonderful Children. His passions are Family, History (Specifically Military History and American History), Global Missions, Theology, Worldview, Geopolitics, and Youth Ministry. His hobbies include studying military history, video production, homesteading, and spending time with his family.


Matt Gonzales
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