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Lisha Thigpen

Logic & Rhetoric Schools Teacher

Lisha Thigpen is an Algebra 2 teacher at CLA. She is married to Lance Thigpen. She has four kids, ranging from college to fourth grade. They have been involved in youth ministry since 1998 and moved to NC in 2001 for seminary. She attends North Wake Church and leads the 12th grade girls group. Lisha received her B.S. in Mathematics from Georgia Southern University in 2000 with a concentration in Secondary Education. She taught at Leesville Road High School before staying home and homeschooling her children. Over the years, she had continued to tutor students and teach math classes in her home. She also teaches Chemistry at her co-op. Lisha’s passion is to meet students where they are in math and with Jesus.


Lisha Thigpen
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