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Cole Arendt

Logic & Rhetoric Schools Teacher

Cole is teaching precalculus at CLA. He has a Master of Science in Mathematics from UNC Chapel Hill, where he taught a variety of calculus and modeling classes. His career has involved working in software, data analysis, and analytics. However, his love for math, problem solving, and teaching has continued throughout and he is excited to be an educator in the math department at Commission.

He has been married to his wife, Hope, for 8 years, and has 3 children: Azariah (7), Lenora (5 - in Kindergarten at CLA), and Evelyn (2). He serves Young Adults at Providence Church in Raleigh, and loves opportunities to teach and explore challenging questions as a habit of life-long learning. When not working or spending time with family, he enjoys playing / coaching soccer, music, woodworking, apologetics, and photography.

Cole Arendt
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