CLA 5K Wonder Run & Walk 2020

Get Your Running Shoes On!

CLA WONDER Run & Walk - home!


May 8-10, 2010

WHEN: May 8-10, 2020

WHERE: Your neighborhood (or where you like)

HOW: #togetherathome

Due to the current restrictions on social engagement in public places, we have decided to complete the 2020 Wonder Run a little differently this year: TOGETHER…at home. We would love it if you and your family took the time to walk or run together during the weekend of May 9. If possible, we ask that you wear your CLA Spirit Wear or Wonder Run gear from previous years. During your walk/run, we ask that you record a short 5-10 second snippet of your family’s run/walk, then send to Jen Larison, at Jen will tie all of the short segments together, crafting a video documenting the 2020 CLA 5K Wonder Run, home. Be sure that your whole family is videoed/pictured, and use one of the following prompts (or one that you make up):

"Wonder Run 2020, from the ________ Family"
"From the _______________ Family to the Commission Community,"
"This is Wonder Run 2020"
"This is Wonder Run 2020 with the _________________ Family"
"We are Griffins"
"We are Commission"
"Wonder Run during COVID-19, TOGETHER…at home."
"COVID -19 can't stop the Wonder Run!

We plan to air this video during the end of year festivities, post on Facebook, use as photos for the yearbook, etc.

In the past this event has functioned as a school fundraiser for supplies and resources for our teachers.  We do understand this is financially a difficult time for many, so please do not feel pressured to collect money if you are uncomfortable doing so. If you would like to make a tax refundable donation or approach friends and family about making a donation to our school for this purpose, we would greatly appreciate that. Click the link at the top of this page to donate. All funds collected will go directly back into our classrooms.

Our goal is to end the year well, despite this pandemic. Putting on the Wonder Run is just one small part of that effort. We want our families to have fun and be safe.  We're hoping that each of you will decide to participate in Wonder Run 2020. See you "there", #togetherathome!

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